Heath Cox


In the last twenty years I have hung my hat in the great cities of Budapest, Cairo, Munich, and San Francisco, Detroit and a small town in northern Bosnia & Herzegovina. My career has been as diverse as the places I’ve lived. At different times I’ve been a CEO, as U.S. diplomat, an entrepreneur, a graduate student, an international business consultant and a logistics manager. Whether drinking tea with locals in the back streets of Yemen, piloting a ferry in the Adriatic Sea, or getting schooled in table tennis by a 70 year old man in Beijing, the many encounters I have had are far more than this Midwestern small-town boy ever imagined.

Heath's Travels - 27 Provinces


Heath's visited Countries and Provinces

Province Code Country - Province Visit Date
ADAndorra - Andorra2000-10-01
AL-SHAlbania - Shkoder2002-07-01
AR-BArgentina - Buenos Aires1997-07-01
AT-1Austria - Burgenland1999-07-07
AT-2Austria - Karnten2002-07-08
AT-3Austria - Niederosterreich2002-07-09
AT-4Austria - Oberosterreich2002-07-10
AT-5Austria - Salzburg2004-06-25
AT-6Austria - Steiermark2004-06-20
AT-7Austria - Tirol2004-06-22
AT-8Austria - Vorarlberg2004-06-22
AT-9Austria - Wien1995-07-07
BA-BIH*Bosnia-Hercegovina - Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina1990-05-07
BA-SRP*Bosnia-Hercegovina - Republika Srpska1990-05-10
BE-VANBelgium - Antwerpen (nl)2014-08-11
BE-VBRBelgium - Vlaams Brabant (nl)2014-08-13
BE-VLIBelgium - Limburg (nl)2014-08-12
BE-VOVBelgium - Oost-Vlaanderen (nl)2014-08-12
BE-VWVBelgium - West-Vlaanderen (nl)2014-08-12
BE-WBRBelgium - Brabant Wallon (fr)2014-08-11
BE-WHTBelgium - Hainaut (fr)2014-08-11
BE-WLGBelgium - Liege (fr)0004-08-11
BE-WLXBelgium - Luxembourg (fr)2014-08-11
BE-WNABelgium - Namur (fr)2004-08-11
BO-CBolivia - Cochabamba1996-09-10
BO-LBolivia - La Paz1996-09-09
BO-OBolivia - Oruro1996-09-11

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