Avramenko Petr


Hello! I am Petr, I am 33. I travel already 20 years (I started in my 13) by different types of transport from hitch-hiking to plane and also be feet. I have been in more than 100 countries and spend 5-6 mounths every year in the road. This year I make a tour around Afrika by car. I have photos from all countries I have visited.

Avramenko's Travels - 11 Provinces


Avramenko's visited Countries and Provinces

Province Code Country - Province Visit Date
ADAndorra - Andorra2006-11-30
AL-DRAlbania - Durres2012-11-20
AL-ELAlbania - Elbasan2012-11-21
AL-FRAlbania - Fier2012-11-21
AL-GJAlbania - Gjirokaster2012-11-19
AL-KA*Albania - Kavaje2012-11-22
AL-LBAlbania - Librazhd2012-11-23
AL-LUAlbania - Lushnje2012-11-23
AL-TE*Albania - Tepelene2012-11-23
AL-TRAlbania - Tirane2012-11-24
AL-VLAlbania - Vlore2012-11-22

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