Merrily McCarthy


At the moment I live and work in Yosemite National Park at the (Ahwahnee) Majestic Hotel as a Quality Lodging Inspector. I have a BACHELORS Degree in Anthropology/Archeaology/Criminology/Theatre Arts. I write, do photography, draw, watercolor and ink and pencils and acrylics. I write screenplays. I am single and looking for a career change to something creative and financially lucrative. Write to me at Merrily McCarthy P.O. Box 176, Yosemite, Calif. 95389, or call or text: 1-559-313-8089.

Merrily's Travels - 7 Provinces


Merrily's visited Countries and Provinces

Province Code Country - Province Visit Date
CA-BCCanada - British Columbia1970-01-01
US-CAUnited States - California1970-01-01
US-FLUnited States - Florida1983-02-20
US-HIUnited States - Hawaii1983-02-20
US-ILUnited States - Illinois1983-02-20
US-MAUnited States - Massachusetts1983-02-20
US-NVUnited States - Nevada1970-01-01

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